What the F*ck Is This Full-Body Horse Suit From Hell?

By Jesus Diaz on at

If you are rich race horse, I got great news for you! If you aren't a horse, you're going to freak out looking at this image: a horse in a full body suit. Why in hell does a horse need a suit?

For the same reasons athletes need compression leggings, the inventors say. Called Hidez, these suits "are specifically engineered garments [made with] fabric cut in specific ways, then sewn together and strategically placed around the garment to focus in on certain muscle groups."

According to the inventors, the suit "enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to animal's muscles and speeds up the removal of waste products—like lactic acids and carbon dioxide—for vital blood supplies." They say that this helps to "recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and it reduces muscle fatigue and by flushing out bad blood it reduces delayed onset muscle soreness."

For around £550 each, it sounds good to me, no matter how stupid and freaky it looks. I mean, if you were a horse, would you use this ridiculous suit with a giant poop hole on the back or would you rather get shot in the head and turned into dog food and sausages for French people.

No question, horsey. Now, what I really want to see is a video of people getting a horse into this thing. I would pay for that. With soda. [MyFox]

What the F*ck Is This Full-Body Horse Suit From Hell?