What's Cooking Your iPad? It's Probably All the Fiery Little LEDs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently the iPad’s new screen really pushes the limits of what’s possible in something that small, and one of the unfortunate consequences seems to be excess heat. We know the iPad has twice the number of LEDs powering the screen’s backlight and apparently they’re the heat source that’s likely the most to blame for the smoking tablets.

According to a display expert, Raymond Soneira from DisplayMate Technologies, those little LEDs really add-up and push quite a lot of heat. Because of the density of the screen you need more power to force the light through, apparently up to 2.5 times more. Of course the beefier GPU and larger battery probably also play a role in the iPad's internal fire, but Soneira reckons most of it all stems from the LEDs.

As a side note, you’ll also get less battery life out of the new iPad at maximum brightness despite Apple chucking another 70 per cent more battery in there. Drawing 2.5 times more juice from something that’s only 1.7 times the size just doesn’t add up.

It’s a shame we’re moving into the summer; that 46C would be great for keeping your freezing mitts warm in the bitter chill – who needs those crappy capacitive gloves when you can thaw out while simply holding your iPad? [Cnet]