What's the Best USB Stick to Throw In Your Port?

By Kat Hannaford on at

USB sticks are those devices you know you should own, but just aren't any fun buying. Kind of like insulation, or a new garden hose. I mostly use freebie sticks that once contained junk press releases, but for real power, ex-Gizmodo ed Brian Lam (over at his new site Wirecutter) has researched all the best available sticks, and discovered Patriot's Supersonic USB 3.0 is the bee's knees.

That's mostly down to the killer combo of speed and price, which seems to be a sliver under £50 over at Play.com for a 32GB model, or £82 for a 64GB one at Pixmania. Of course, it'll only come into its own when inserted into a USB 3.0 port, but if your machine's a bit long in the tooth, Wirecutter's got a list of quality USB 2.0 sticks for you to check out, too. So now you know, but shout out if you've got a particular brand you feel strongly about. [Wirecutter]