Will Apple Launch a Channels-as-Apps Streaming TV Service By Christmas?

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to the New York Times, Apple’s pushing ahead with a proposed streaming TV service, where channels are individual apps. Apparently, despite finding it hard going to secure content deals, Apple is prioritising the streaming service over an Apple HDTV, and it’s been going at it for months trying to throw its weight around.

We’ve seen stock dry up and heard rumours of an Apple TV refresh that’ll launch with the next iPad on the 7th of March next week. It looks like that might be just a stopgap before Apple can secure some proper streaming content, other than its own iTunes library and Netflix, before we see a full HDTV out of Cupertino.

It makes perfect sense for Apple to want to have a solid content offering before punting a more expensive TV – the Apple TV set-top box at around £100 is a much easier sell than a £1000 HDTV that’s for sure.

The New York Times indicates that Apple’s having a pretty hard time prising streaming deals out of US content providers, but whether it’s having the same issues, or is even attempting to talk to UK TV networks, is unclear. We heard rumours back at the start of the year that Apple was after Premier League streaming rights, so there is hope.

Another over-the-top option for watching TV certainly appeals to my cord-cutter nature. I just hope Apple is securing some sort of deal for the UK; I have a horrible feeling we’ll get stiffed over this kind of thing, as usual. [New York Times via MacRumors]