Will Google Drive Finally Appear in April?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Given Google Drive’s track record of rumours of an impending release just like this, then disappearing into the ether for months at a time -- I’ll believe this when I see it. But apparently Giga OM has it on good authority that the GDrive will finally see the light of day in the first week of April.

Google will apparently offer everyone 1GB of storage for free, with API integration for third party apps. They’ll also be a desktop client and a web interface for in-browser file access and management. It all sounds a lot like Dropbox to me, apart from Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage for free from the off with lots of opportunities to gain more free space – currently I’m sitting pretty on 10.5GB for free.

Still, more free storage is always welcome, and no doubt it’ll get awesome Android integration. We might see Google gradually increase the free storage like it did with Gmail when it first launched too, you never know. Just don’t hold your breath for it. Google Drive might still disappear into the ether again before April. [Giga OM]