Will the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Beat the Amazon Kindle Fire to the UK?

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve been waiting for the Kindle Fire for what seems like ages now in Britain, all the while our American cousins have been greedily enjoying arguably the best budget Android tablet experience. Now it seems another budget Android sensation in the US, the Barnes & Noble Nook, might beat it here.

Rumours have surged about a UK-launch after a developer event being hosted by the American publisher in London was announced. The event specifically mentions a hands-on workshop with the Nook, while Wired has it that Barnes & Noble is looking to partner with Waterstones to sell the tablet on our shores.

With rumours of a Google Nexus tablet to compete in the 7-inch budget Android tablet space running riot, the cheaper end of the UK tablet space just got a little more interesting. Those who can’t stomach the £400 slabs the likes of Apple and Asus are peddling might get something actually worth buying. [Wired]