Windows Phone Gets "Smoked" By a Galaxy Nexus

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion? It’s a pretty arrogant “challenge” that pits any other phone against a Windows Phone in a race to pull-up information like the weather. Apparently it’s just backfired, badly – a Galaxy Nexus just smoked a Windows Phone. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t take it like a man, instead throwing its toys out of the pram and rather screwing the pooch.

You can apparently trot into any Microsoft Store in the US to test your metal against a Windows Phone. If you win you’re set to get a special edition Windows laptop, but if not you have to pose for a photo with the caption “Smoked by Windows Phone”. You simply queue-up and race against a Microsoft employee kitted out with a Windows Phone to pull up a random category of information. In this case it was the weather in two different cities.

Having queued up, rebooted and got ready for the challenge, Skattertech’s Sahas Katta couldn’t believe his luck when he heard the task – just by chance, he happened to have two weather widgets on his homescreen showing the current conditions in two cities and, even better, had disabled any kind of lock-screen on his Galaxy Nexus. That meant that with a single press of the power button he had the information required.

The Microsoft employee wasn’t far behind, but she had to unlock the phone first, which you can't disable on stock WP7 – she’d just got “smoked” by good old Android 4.0. The problem was that instead of putting their hands up and giving him the winners laptop as you’d expect, the Microsoft Store employees fobbed him off telling him that he couldn’t have won, eventually saying he needed weather from two cities in two different states in the US – any excuse, basically.

If Microsoft had simply congratulated the victor, even if it was just a bit of luck, then everything would have been fine, forgotten about even. But this demonstrates just how wrong Microsoft can get it sometimes. It’s okay to push an arrogant promotion depicting everything as being “smoked by Windows Phone”, but when you can’t take a loss – that’s just bad form. [Skattertech via Time]