Yes, This Is a Neoprene Keg Coozie

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Dude. Dude, Bro. Call Chet and the other pledges, tell them to stop cleaning the kegerator Ox threw up into. Tonight's rager is back on. We'll keep the ponies cold with these giant coozies, what are they called? KegSkins? Righteous.

The KegSkin is constructed from neoprene and operates in precisely the same manner as its bottle-and-can-covering brethren, simply sliding over a standard-sized keg of your preferred man soda. Despite its basic construction — take a sheet of neoprene, roll it into a cylinder, and sew — it does an impressive job of keeping beer at the optimal consumption temperature.

In a lab test, two 4-degree kegs were subjected to an 27-degree environment for over five hours. The insulated keg only warmed three degrees over that period (7 degrees C is still plenty frosty) while the unprotected keg heated nearly 10 degrees in total to a flattening 14 C.

The design also has the added benefit of not requiring an outlet, as kegerators do, or tubs packed with enough ice to chill a back-alley kidney donor, which means you can drink in the park without sucking down warm suds. The KegSkin is available for in six colour varieties for around £30. [KegSkins via Geek Alerts]