You Can Now Get Your Sky Sports F1 Channel Wherever You've Got Signal

By Sam Gibbs on at

Whether you like it or not, Sky's fancy new F1 channel launches tonight at 8pm in preparation for the 2012 season. Right on cue it's popped up on Sky Go too, so even if you're not in front of your TV you can still watch Sky Sports F1 from wherever you are, as long as you've got a laptop, phone or tablet (including Android).

I'm still undecided on whether Sky grabbing shared F1 rights was a good thing. On the one hand it's let the BBC keep half of the races despite cut backs, but on the other I'm missing out on half the live races. Whatever your take on this, Sky's certainly going the whole hog, and shoving it out to Sky Go is pretty awesome. Together with this, the incoming Sky F1 iPad app, and the BBC's live streams via its iPlayer apps, anyone care for a bit of F1 in the supermarket; down the park, or even better, in the pub?