You Haven't Got Your Slice of Raspberry Pi Yet Because the Factory Messed Up

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has come out and said that the reason for the delay in getting the mini-marvels into your hands is because the factory manufacturing them screwed up. It bunged a dud network port onto the first batch of boards.

Apparently the Pi Foundation specified a magnetic network jack in the schematics, which the factory substituted by accident for the non-magnetic variety. The result was a duff Ethernet port (who knew?), which couldn’t provide a network connection – not great if you’re attempting to use the Pi for anything internet related.

The good news is that it’s a simple case of unsoldering the non-magnetic jacks and bunging a new magnetic one in there (hooray for naked circuit boards). The bad news is that there’s a possibility the Foundation will suffer issues sourcing enough magnetic jacks for the new batches, so there might be a further delay unless some turn up quick-smart.

When the Element14 guys came in to see us they said the perfectionists at the Foundation were handing the first couple of runs of manufacturing to capture this very thing, and it seems it’s a good job they did. Let’s just hope the Foundation can source those jacks and get more Pis made pronto, before you’ve crawled up the wall in anticipation. [Raspberry Pi]

Thanks Darrell!