You'll Soon Be Able to Wi-Fi Tether Your Nokia Lumia

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news Lumia owners -- you’ll soon be able to tether your Lumia 800 or 710 for a bit of mobile broadband on-the-go, if the networks don’t crush it of course. Nokia’s announced that it’s bringing the personal hotspot capability that’s baked into most smartphones these days as an update to its current line, while its new Lumia 900 flagship will launch with it.

Unfortunately, unless you bought your Lumia SIM-free, your network might put a stop to your hotspotting fun, or at least severely frown upon it. And you won’t be able to turn that frown upside down without more hard-earned cash. Still, the update is “coming soon” so keep an eye on your Zune software for something in the next few months. [Nokia Connects via Engadget]