Your Pre-Ordered New iPads Might Arrive Later Than Scheduled

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently Apple’s truly struggling to get its new iPad here on time; we saw pre-order delivery dates slip within days of the unveiling. Now it seems some unlucky people, who plunked down their cash before Apple started pushing things back, will be disappointed on launch day too.

A load of people have apparently been emailed by Apple to say that their iPads will arrive later around the 21st of March, not the 16th as advertised, "despite [its] best efforts and those of [its] shipping partners”.

iPad mania seems to have truly gripped Britain again; there’s a queue already forming outside Apple’s flagship store on Regent Street. If you still want an iPad on launch day, March 16th, you might want get down to your local Apple store sometime really early, like the night before. Then again you could just wait a month or so like normal people, just saying. [The Verge]

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