You're Fat Because of Plastic

By Sam Gibbs on at

A new review of over 240 peer-reviewed studies has shown that there’s a link between some chemicals used in the plastics that make up food containers, packaging and household items, and obesity and diabetes. The plastic your food comes in might be making you fat.

Of course there’s no denying eating too much, or too much fat, and not exercising enough are the primary causes for obesity. But this new research (pdf) has shone a light on man-made chemicals like the now banned PCBs; plastic-softeners like phthalates, and Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used to harden plastics often used in food packaging and plastic bottles.

Many plastic chemicals like this have a negative affect on your body, primarily by disrupting your hormones – the natural substances that regulate your metabolism and a load of other non-instant functions. For instance, disruption of your hormonal balance can cause increased appetite, increased fat storage and mess up your body’s capability to manage sugar – the primary symptom of diabetes.

Considering three out of every five adults in the UK is overweight or obese, maybe it’s time we started looking at the packaging. We could always go back to storing everything in tins again; it worked okay back in the day. There’s still no excuse for not getting off your lardy arse and exercising, or ceasing stuffing your gob with sugar and fat, but maybe it’s not all your fault. [The Independent]

Image credit: Fat from Shutterstock