YouView Launching in May?

By Gary Cutlack on at

We might get to finally use the YouView catch-up internet TV service later this year, with TV execs giving the launch of the Freeview-based TV-on-demand system a rough arrival date of May.

The date comes via speakers at the Digital Television Group conference, where attendees appeared to have insider knowledge about the due date of the YouView service. The concept of YouView is to bundle up all the on-demand and catch-up TV offerings of the UK's broadcasters and serve it all through one internet-enabled set-top-box.

That's the dream, at least. It's already looking like a bit of a dated concept, what with the incredible rise of smartphone, TV and set-top-box apps that already do all of that and more. YouView's been undergoing trials this year, so it really ought to happen soon, lest we all stop caring in the slightest. [DTVE via Techradar]