35,000 Photos Went Into This Mesmerising Insane Asylum Video

By Michael Hession on at

Just when you though you had seen all there is to see in the realm of abandoned mental hospital photography, a video comes along that reinvents the game. Don't worry: it's still super creepy.

Multimedia outfit The Voder undertook a 7-month exploration at an undisclosed abandoned madhouse and snapped 35,000 still images to create Asylum.

From the Vimeo page:

Our 7 month journey into the Asylum led us on many adventures; from dodging security vehicles, ghostly figures and even a meth head. This is no place for the faint of heart. Asbestos blanketed every room we entered like new winter snow, so shooting was sometimes difficult.

The production consisted of a 5D Mark II and some HDR / tone-mapping techniques. Great job, guys. Hopefully the ghosts of the Asylum were pleased with the result. If not, they could, you know, haunt your dreams forever. [Vimeo via FStoppers]