3D Chocolate Printer Sadly Arrives Too Late To Churn Out Easter Bunnies

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The creators of what will be one of the first commercially available 3D chocolate printers had hoped their device would hit the market well before Easter, letting consumers print their own cheap bunnies and eggs at home.

But sadly the Choc Edge won't get its printer into the hands of the chocaholic masses until sometime near the end of the month. Meaning Easter treats are out of the question, but giving people plenty of time to prepare a mountain of sweets for Christmas.

Like a regular 3D printer it painstakingly builds up models by repeatedly laying down thin layers, but instead of using melted plastic, it squeezes molten chocolate out of a syringe. So really anything that could be created using a standard 3D printer could be produced on Choc Edge's device, except that the results are completely edible. Or at the least, safer and more enjoyable to consume. [Choc Edge via BBC]