70,000 Users May Have Downloaded an Android "Trojan"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest case of an anti-virus company trying to get users to panic about Android's security features comes via McAfee, which says it believes 70,000 Android owners may have downloaded a "trojan" that made it through Google's filters and out onto the Play Store.

McAfee's researchers claim to have found 15 applications from two separate developers that use the malicious code, which, once installed and granted the relevant permissions, has the power to access your phone number, contact list and device ID, then send it off to a remote server.

It's unlikely any of us will have stumbled across it, as the code was found inside Japanese apps that promise to deliver trailers for forthcoming video games.

Plus, as ever, the app has to ask for your permission before doing any of the above, so as long as you actually read the permission requests before installing it, you'd still be OK. [McAfee via The Register]

Image credit: Virus from Shutterstock