A Police Car Pursuing a Bicycle at 60MPH Must Be the Most Absurd Chase In History

By Jesus Diaz on at

This Czech bicycle rider must have balls of steel or a lot of crimes to answer for. Otherwise I just couldn't understand why is he racing down a highway at 60mph with a police car chasing him.

In the rain. In between trucks and cars. Absolutely nuts.

As you can see on the speedometer, the bicycle is travelling at around 100km/h (60mph) behind a van. The police turns on the siren and starts chasing the rider—but he doesn't flinch, he keeps behind the van and then passes it, slowing down on the side of the road. The police accelerates at 122km/h (75mph) to block the rider, who avoids the trap and keeps going. In fact, he repeats the same maneuver: the biker puts himself behind another van and keeps riding at more than 100km/h (60mph) and then passes the van as they approach some roadworks, slowing down to 50km/h at that point (31mph) and then finally stopping.

[Thanks Karl!]