Adobe Shows Rip-Off Britain Is Still In Full Force

By Sam Gibbs on at

The good news is there’s a fancy new Adobe creative suite landing in 30 days, with a decent-looking subscription model to boot too. But there’s bad news for us Brits: yet again we’re getting ripped off, this time by up to 38 per cent compared to our US cousins.

Adobe’s UK pricing chocks-up quite a premium over how much it costs our compatriots in the US. For instance, a copy of the Master Collection (the whole caboodle) will cost you a wallet-smacking £2,223 (£2,668 with VAT added), while Joe Bloggs in America can pick up the same thing for $2,599 or just £1,615. Of course there’s sales tax to take into account in the US, and even with our very own 20 per cent VAT added here it’s still only £1,938. It’s never a direct exchange rate conversion like that though, but even taking into account your average non-US premium it should still work out under £2,000 all-in. So, we're paying over £600 more than we should be based on the US pricing by my rough calculations.

It doesn’t get any better with the cheapest package either -- £1,032 without VAT in the UK, £807 ($1,299) in the US, while the subscription also carries an over 20 per cent premium for Brits.

While we shouldn’t be surprised about this by now, it’s still truly galling that we’re getting ripped off quite so much, especially for software. After all, it’s not like it costs anything different to “ship” a digital download to Europe and the UK than it does in the US. Will rip-off Britain ever end? I fear not. [ZDnet]

Image credit: Money from Shutterstock