Amazon Germany Leaks Some Alternative Samsung Galaxy S III Specs and Shows It'll Cost You a Fair Chunk-of-Change Too

By Sam Gibbs on at

It looks like Amazon Germany was so keen to get its hands on your pre-order cash, it just couldn’t wait for May 3rd. But what’s interesting is it has different specs listed to what the Vietnamese assure us their leaked handset came packing. Amazon reckons the screen is a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED, and that instead of a puny 8-megapixels, the rear shooter is actually a 12MP monster.

Who do you believe? Amazon, a supposedly “trusted” retailer, or a pretty convincing video of the rumoured phone from Vietnam. The screen size discrepancy could be just down to the inclusion of the Ice Cream Sandwich button bar at the bottom, but the camera? Will Samsung attempt to one-up in the megapixel wars or will it give those MPs crammed onto that tiny sensor a little more room to breath? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, maybe even sooner than May 3rd; at least it won’t be that expensive at around £500. [Amazon Germany via Recombu]