Amazon Kindle Fire Could Finally Land in the UK Soon

By Sam Gibbs on at

Amazon’s being pretty damn bullish over its Kindle Fire, and is actively chasing down content deals for an international launch meaning we might finally see it this side of the pond. The retailer even spouted some fighting talk saying “if you’re not talking to us, you should be” and hinting that a European launch is imminent – we might actually get to see the Kindle Fire before Amazon rolls out its second generation.

Talking at a European TV media meet-up, Amazon’s head of global video, Anthony Bay, hinted that we could see the Kindle Fire in Europe "very soon". We've heard that rumour before, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. He re-iterated that Amazon saw the Kindle as a “content-forward strategy”, which is basically the reason we’ve had to wait to so long for the Kindle Fire to make it out of the US – it’s all to do with content rights.

Let’s hope with the clout that Amazon has with LoveFilm in the UK, it can find a way to tie-up those content deals and launch this thing here soon. There’s a gaping hole right now for a cheap but decent media consumption tablet, and Amazon could deliver that in droves with its ability to subsidise the Kindle Fire. Whether you’d want an Amazon-centric tablet, that’s another story. Launch it for £150 and I reckon you’ll sell gangbusters. [The Register]