Anonymous Claims Time's Top 100 Public Poll Top Spot

By Sam Gibbs on at

If it’s on the internet, Anonymous can get its sticky mitts on it. That includes Time’s top 100 most influential people poll, which unsurprisingly now has Anonymous sitting pretty at the top amid cries of foul play.

It’d probably be fair to say Anonymous should rank pretty highly up that list, whether or not the collective tampered with the results. The hackers even managed to beat out Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin, showing that he who has the most committed internet folk wins the internet popularity poll, even if the collective denied the allegations.

Perhaps Time should use something a bit more old fashioned for its voting system next year, like good old paper – the top 100 shouldn’t just be an automated click internet drone popularity contest surely? [Time via PCMag]

Image credit: jonpartridge from flickr

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