Anonymous Takes the Fight to the Music Industry With Its Own Social Music Platform

By Sam Gibbs on at

Anonymous has been acting up recently. Apparently bored with simple hacking it’s been branching out with its own dubious OS and now a music service? Anontune aims to pull in every streaming song from around the web, letting you create and share playlists, all while dodging the inevitable lawsuits from the music industry.

Apparently Anontune was born out of a frustration with free streaming services. Lots of people use YouTube just to play music, but there’s basically no organisation to speak of there, while others have to hunt around for tracks on MySpace and the myriad of blogs. Anonymous wants to bring it all together in one free-music loving place, whether it’s legally free or not.

Anontune wants to automate the music search process using its “music engine”, currently scouring YouTube and SoundCloud for tracks based on what you type in. The collective is planning on adding other music sources including Bandcamp, Myspace Music, Yahoo Music and others. It’s an intriguing idea, even if it is only "20 per cent done" right now and is likely to have a massive target on its back from day one.

A word of caution, though, for anyone tempted to try it out: according to Wired, when you fire this thing up it runs as a Java applet, and we all know what kind of issues people have been having with Java recently. Best to try it in a secure VM or a machine you’re never going to use again – your mate’s new MacBook perhaps? [Anontune via Wired]