Anonymous Says No to Censorship With Its Own Pastebin Rival

By Sam Gibbs on at

Anonymous seems to be branching out all over the place, first we had Anonymous OS, then Anontune and now this. Pastebin has been cracking down on releases, attempting to eradicate leaked credit card information and other sensitive information from its servers. Anonymous didn’t take too kindly to that, so it’s set up its own competing “secure” text dump site, AnonPaste.

Set up by a joint operation from the People’s Liberation Front and Anonymous, AnonPaste will undoubtedly see a lot of action in the near future. In fact details of an impending attacks have already been thrown up there to co-ordinate the collective. Apparently, AnonPaste is currently being used in OpBahrain against Formula One.

AnonPaste promises to not track your IP address; to encrypt the paste, and won’t moderate or censor what you shove up there. So if you’ve got something you want the world to know, but you’ve got something to hide, you’ve now got something where to go. For the rest of us, Pastebin will still work just fine. [BBC]