Anonymous Takes Out the Home Office Again, But Just Can't Topple GCHQ

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Anonymous is serious about its hatred of the Home Office website. Having given it a battering just over a week ago, Anonymous again focused its DDoS cannon on the HO site over the weekend, but only managed to take it out for intermittent periods this time; looks like the government is actually learning for once.

In a separate attack, Anonymous also attempted to take down the GCHQ site, but was rebuffed by some solid servers, as a spokesman said: "We have reasonable and proportionate information assurance measures in place to protect the site."

Considering the GCHQ site isn’t actually “business critical” but the HO and the sites it supports is, you’d think the government should have its priorities switched. The current cyber attacks are in response to the extradition treaty that the UK has with the US, with people like Gary McKinnon and the TVShack kid, becoming unwitting poster children for the campaign. With government site attacks, terror line blockades and released recordings of confidential phone calls, it looks like it’s not just America that’s fallen squarely in the hackers crosshairs anymore. [ZDNet UK]

Image credit: jonpartridge from flickr