Apple Hiring 3D Expert to Include Holographic Steve Jobs With Every Future iPad

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well, maybe not. But a job listing on Apple's jobs portal is asking for a 3D expert to come onboard the mothership, so it clearly has a plan to incorporate three-dimensional tech of some sort in a future iOS device.

The job listing specifically asks for "a Computer Vision specialist" who's experienced in "Multi-view stereo and 3D reconstruction" and the "Inpainting of occluded geometry and texture data" whatever that may mean. It sounds like there may be a gaming element to the position as well, with Apple also asking the potential applicant to know about "Cameras and surfaces in a 3D environment".

Apple hasn't yet launched any 3D products, leaving it to the likes of HTC and LG to test the water (rather unsuccessfully) in the mobile arena. [9to5Mac]

Image credit: Apple's potential new HQ, via