Apple's Still Trying to Smudge the Good Name of 4G

By Sam Gibbs on at

The saga of what is and what isn’t 4G is still raging, and Apple’s doing its best to claim that 3G is actually 4G, but I’m just not buying it. No, I don’t care how fast your 3G network is, it’s just not 4G. And calling your iPad 4G when it can’t connect to a 4G network is just plain wrong.

The battle is raging down under in Australia, where they do actually have a 4G network, but the new iPad can’t connect to it because it only supports different frequency bands – the ones used in the US. It’s the same issue we’d have with the new iPad and 4G, if we had a 4G network up-and-running that is.

Apple argues that even though the iPad is only connecting to the country’s 3G networks it can still call them "4G networks in accordance with accepted industry and regulatory use of the descriptor '4G." Unfortunately that’s the same marketing bullshit that’s been coming out of the US for a while now, and while we’re currently resisting it here in the UK, if Apple and others keep this up we might end up with a load of fake 4G branding here, and that’d be bloody awful.

Come on Apple; either make the new iPad support other bands for LTE, ones we and the Australians can actually use, or stop calling it 4G. Will it really make a blind bit of difference to the number of iPads you actually sell? No. [Apple Insider]