Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 Will Start On June 11

By Jesus Diaz on at

Heads up, people! The 2012 edition of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference — one of its biggest yearly events — has dates: June 11 to June 15 in San Francisco, California. Traditionally, new stuff always appears at the WWDC, sometimes hardware, sometimes software.

What will be in the keynote address, the first by Tim Cook?

If you're expecting the iPhone 5, you are probably going to be disappointed. Most likely, there will be updates for OS X (Mountain Lion) and iOS. It still too early to tell if we're going to get a sneak-peek into iOS 6.

Another possibility is hardware. WWDC 2012 would be a perfect opportunity to showcase a favourite tool for developers: MacBook Pros. Apple announced the unibody MacBook Pros in 2009, a design that has been in use until now. It's not crazy to think that Cupertino will announce its new MacBook Pro 2012 at this one. [Ars Technica]