Barclaycard Launches DIY Mobile NFC Sticker

By Gary Cutlack on at

The futuristic dream of NFC payments looks a bit tatty today, after Barclays' credit card division revealed its latest high-tech solution for contactless payments -- a sticker.

The NFC enabled sticker, which Barclaycard calls a Pay Tag, lets account holders use their Barclaycard balances to fund NFC payments, although the standard £15 payment limit is still in place.

It'll launch as a limited trial initially, with letters going out to a selection of customers over the next few days. Barring any awkward security scandals, the idea is to let all Barclaycard users apply for one of the stickers by the end of the year, so a mobile, or anything else the sticker will stick to, can be used as an NFC payment option.

Just remember to wrap it up in tin foil when you're not using it. [Pay Tag via PA]