BBC Timelords Not Happy About Virgin Media's Doctor Who Cloning

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's latest TV advert, which stars former Doctor Who actor David Tennant, has angered the BBC, which considers Virgin's use of the time travelling theme to be a little too close to cashing in on the long-running sci-fi adventure series.

The ad shows Tennant sitting on the Virgin Media sofa whining about there being nothing to watch on telly, while Richard Branson fiddles with a time machine in the background. Tennant then decides to watch Doctor Who on the Virgin TiVo and there's a comedy interlude involving Branson.

It's a pretty terrible production, but one the BBC's objecting to on the grounds that by using Tennant and the concept of time travel Virgin's trying to gain commercial ground thanks to using the good doctor's name. The Mirror says BBC Worldwide has asked Virgin to pull the ad. [Daily Mirror via io9]