Be as Strong as Iron Man With This Awesome-Looking Power Glove

By Sam Gibbs on at

It’s the stuff of every sci-fi fans’ dreams – strap on a robotic suit and transform yourself into a superhero with incredible super-human strength, Iron Man-style. What you’re looking at here is proof that it’s not quite as farfetched an idea as you’d think.

The ExoHand is a hand power amplifier that’s designed with the ageing population in mind, to help them keep working. Strap on a glove and it’ll double your strength. The thing can even be operated remotely over great distances, although I can imagine the lag would be a bit difficult – one small twitch and you could crush something by accident pretty easily.

Combine this thing with a power suit for lifting stuff, robotic legs, and maybe add some jump jets in their somewhere, and you’ll have your very own real Iron Man suit. [Reuters]