Internet Company Vows to Beat the Olympics Congestion Nightmare By Sleeping at Work in Japanese-Style Pods

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all this talk about how the Olympics is going to kill the internet, and how all those tourists are going to clog up London’s arteries and make it an absolute nightmare for commuters, maybe sleeping at work is the horrifying solution. At least that’s what one data centre services firm that forms “an integral part of the UK’s digital backbone” is planning to do.

It’s more of a PR stunt than anything, but Interxion, which provides online services for retailers, banking and education is installing a load of Japanese-style sleeping pods for its workers in its data centre. I can’t think of anything worse than never leaving work, but the idea is that engineers can stay on site 24/7 to help keep the internet from exploding.

For those that can’t work from home I guess a couple of pods like this would at least allow you to get some kip. I’m voting for working from home though, even if the internet is forecast to die under the strain.

Image credit: Interxion