Brighton Should Become Europe's New Marijuana Holiday Spot, Says Green Party Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

The streets of London's favourite debauched coastal getaway town could turn into an even bigger mess at the weekend, thanks to a Green party spokesman putting out the idea that cannabis could be decriminalised within its limits, creating a little English Amsterdam on the south coast.

According to Green party Home Affairs spokesman Ben Duncan, the idea would significantly boost tourism, especially as Dutch authorities are planning to stop visitors to the country smoking pot in the country's famous specialist cafes.

Duncan's quite aware of how unlikely this is to come to pass, though, saying: "I expect to be misunderstood. So I predict the following headline soon: ‘Green Councilllor calls for Brighton to be the Pot Capital of Europe'."

Happy to oblige, Ben. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Brighton from Shutterstock