Disabled British Woman Amazingly Takes On the London Marathon, Thanks to a Robotic Suit

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve seen the Japanese experiment with power suits for a while, but now a British woman, Claire Lomas, is finally putting one to good use. Having been told she’d never walk again after being stuck in a wheel chair by a spinal injury thanks to falling off a horse, she’s going to complete all 26-miles of the London Marathon with the aid of a £43,000 robotic pair of trousers.

OK, we’re not talking running here, but she’s going to walk every mile of the course over a three-week span. Just a few weeks ago, she could only walk 30 steps at a time, but with sheer determination she’s managed to get to the stage where a mile takes her just two hours 30 minutes – an incredible achievement for someone who’s paralysed from the chest down. Lomas will kip over in a hotel each night and be ferried back to the right spot each day to carry on.

While I’ve been fantasising about strapping on a power suit and being able to bound tall buildings, maybe even fly Iron Man-style – this is where power suits could really make a difference. It’s incredible to think that anyone that lacks any control or sensation over their legs can walk again, let alone cover a whole marathon. [BBC]