British Surgeons Watch 3D TV While Cutting You Open

By Sam Gibbs on at

Who’d have thought that glass-equipped 3D TV would be more than just a nauseating, headache-inducing experience and would actually be useful? Surgeons from the Manchester Royal Infirmary used a 3D display for the first time in the UK to help successfully robotically cut out a man’s prostate.

Apparently the combination of fine-movement robots and a 3D display allow much greater “surgical mobility” for keyhole operations. In other words, having a bit of 3D thrown-in aids the surgeons in their difficult task of fine control over a robot that enables operations to be carried out without slicing people open too much.

Combining a 3D screen with a hand-held robotic arm allows the intricate surgeries to be performed more easily, with greater accuracy, and more cheaply than other medical imaging technology. Considering where the surgery is taking place you’d want to make damn sure the surgeon can see what he’s doing alright – one wrong move and you might lose more than you bargained for.

The technology is to undergo so more trial surgeries before being offered more widely, but you might find the next time you go under the knife your surgeon comes walking in with some 3D specs. [BBC]

Image credit: Surgery from Shutterstock