Burger King Introduces the BACON PUDDING

By Gary Cutlack on at

It is hard to believe this exists, but then again this has come from America, home of the idiot food. It is Burger King's latest innovation in the land of the bulging elasticated waistband, a pudding with bacon in it.

The literally heart-breaking Bacon Sundae dessert was initially spotted in a branch of BK out in Nashville, Tennessee, and has since been seen in other branches, so would appear to be something more widespread than the work of one bored, rogue employee.

There's a slight chance it's a joke internet pranksters are creating by saving a bit of bacon from their "main" and sticking it in their pudding for a laugh, but like we said, this is America. We wouldn't be surprised if the next step was blending all of the above together and injecting it into a pizza crust. [Shortlist]