Can't Wait For Apple to Get Rid of That Pesky Flashback Trojan? Grab a Free Removal Tool Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple’s apparently working on a counter-attack against that Flashback Trojan that’s plaguing Macs everywhere, but who knows how long Cupertino is going to take to launch its assault. If you’re not too keen on poking around in your system for a manual removal, Kaspersky’s got a free Flashback removal tool up for grabs that’ll do it all for you.

You can check if you need it by hitting Kaspersky’s Flashback checker, or following the instructions in terminal. If you’ve got the blighter on your system, you can download the handy removal tool and eradicate the pest and revive your Mac from botnet hell.

If all this has put the fear of viruses in your Mac-using heads, then maybe it’s time to sadly follow the Windows way and get equipped with an antivirus? ClamXav from the Mac App Store isn’t a bad free option if you’re desperate. [Kaspersky via MacWorld]