Catch-Up On All of Bond's 50 Years' Worth of Antics in HD in the Run Up to Skyfall

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s just announced that you’ll be able to catch every single Bond film in glorious HD without ads in the run up to the release of Skyfall, which marks the first time the entire collection will be shown uninterrupted in the UK, including the two unofficial ones.

Considering Skyfall opens on October 26th, if you’ve got Sky then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to catch-up on what Bond’s been doing for the last 50 years -- you'll even be able to grab them on-demand too. For the rest of us the showings will also coincide with the launch of the whole lot on Blu-ray, so start saving up now.

Let’s hope Skyfall lives up to the hype after all this. [Sky]