Channel 5 Shows "World's First" 360 Degree TV Broadcast

By Gary Cutlack on at

This tantalising hint of the future shows us a world where there's a proper use for secondary screens when watching TV, by giving users an accompanying 360 degree view of the studio managed by a touchscreen.

The broadcast, a trailer for C5's Gadget Show, used a custom app developed by XS2TheWorld. That provided the 360 degree view on an iOS device, which was simultaneously streamed alongside the trailer, giving viewers the chance to zoom around the studio looking for anything more interesting than what the presenters were rambling on about.

While it's perhaps not best demonstrated in a studio environment, imagine if a 360 degree camera was bolted to the top of Jenson Button's helmet during an F1 race. That's a view worth paying £6.99 a month to unlock, eh? [YouTube via Pocket-Lint]