Could This Be the In-Flight Entertainment Revolution That We've All Been Waiting For?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Bring your own device (BOYD) is spreading through industry like wildfire. Instead of being given a company device, people are opting to bring their own phones, tablets and computers. What if you could opt to do that for your flight, but still hook-in with the airline’s systems and even handle the boring admin-stuff like checking-in and ordering food?

Ustwo, of Whale Trail fame, decided to see what it would look like if they took and unbiased, unhindered by reality approach to the flying experience of buying a flight, checking in and entertaining yourself – “Concierge” is the result.

The idea is that it’s a cross-platform system that lets you do all the boring stuff from your mobile device. Check-in; book a seat, and even find your gate through it. Start your in-flight entertainment when you’re still on the ground in the airport, then pick it up again when you get to your seat.

It certainly comes across as an incredibly slick method of doing things, even if it is a bit far fetched for reality. For one you’re never going to get a system where you can stream stuff in an airport from just one airline, think of the bandwidth that’d be needed. Then again a concept isn’t meant to be tied down by reality; it’s meant to push boundaries and show you how things could be like.

In that respect I want this to be a reality so badly. I’ll bring my iPad, you supply the app, the entertainment and the slick experience; I even don’t mind paying extra. If you’d also like to pick me up in a limo from my house and take my bags through security for me, that’d be grand too. [Ustwo]