Curse of the Titanic Sees Memorial Cruise Forced to Turn Back After 130 Miles

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems anything ship-related with a hint of Titanic about it is cursed, even in this modern age. A memorial cruise that set off from Southampton to recount the Titanic’s fateful journey was delayed by high winds, rough seas and now a passenger has been hit by a suspected heart attack and has had to be airlifted off the MS Balmoral. Watch out for icebergs folks.

A 56-year-old BBC cameraman, Tim Rex, suffered a suspected heart attack after the cruise ship left its last port of call sailing 130 miles off the coast of Ireland. The ship then had to turn around to meet a helicopter, which airlifted Rex to the shore and hospital.

The ship’s carrying some 1,300 passengers on a 12-day memorial cruise from Southampton to the fateful spot where Titanic met its watery end. The band is apparently playing music from 1912, while many of the passengers are done-up in period-style dress and are eating off the Titanic’s original menu. Given the difficulties the ship has already faced, I think I’d be inclined to get off now while I still could. No sense in pushing fate, and the recent cruise ship disasters aren’t exactly confidence inspiring. [The Metro]