Did the Bakerloo Line Tunnel at Embankment Station Really Just Collapse? (Updated)

By Kat Hannaford on at

Like news of a Brangelina engagement or major world event, news of London's Bakerloo line tunnel collapsing at Embankment station has reached the ears of Twitter first, with TFL confirming "an obstruction in [the] tunnel at Embankment" and almost the whole Bakerloo line suspended. An hour after the first Twitter Chinese whispers, no-one's still 100 per cent sure what exactly happened down there.

Whether the tunnel has suffered the same fate as our Sam Gibbs's bedroom ceiling from the huge amount of rain London's seen the past week hasn't yet been confirmed (though TFL's Twitter account tweeted at 9:10am that "there is no tunnel collapse on the Bakerloo line. Our engineers are on site and we are assessing the situation"), but the LBC radio station has reported the fire brigade and ambulance service are standing by in case there are any casualties.

Have any of our London readers seen or heard anything during their travels along the brown line today? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Glen Scott

Update: In case you're too lazy to read the comments below, one of our favourite commenters, Token, quoted a Bakerloo line driver as saying "we advise you to alight at this station due to a partial tunnel collapse at embankment."

The Telegraph, meanwhile, is reporting that overnight maintenance work "was thought to have moved the inner ring of the tube tunnel," resulting in a tube train that "clipped" the tunnel wall. (Thanks for the link, Dotter!)