Do Crowbars Really Need Hinges?

By Andrew Tarantola on at

The Hultafors 209 adjustable wrecking bar features a nine-point articulated claw, a rubberised grip, and claims to optimize the everyman's nail-pulling experience. But does the crowbar design require improvement?

The 209's curved claw is set on a hinge and locked in place with a screw gear, which reportedly allows it to withstand the same forces as a conventional bar. However, as our own Harry Sawyers points out, "a pivot introduces a point of flexibility, which can be an issue when relying on the muscle of the mighty fulcrum." And what happens if that screw gear fails or strips? On the other hand, the prospect of being able to adapt the crow bar to the specific work area could be quite handy, especially in close quarters.

The 209 adjustable wrecking bar retails for £68 on Tools R Us. [Hultafors]