Edgar Wright's Brandon Generator Wants Your Comic Book Plot Ideas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brandon Generator is the name of a new, all-star comic book creation, that's being overseen by famed director Edgar Wright, with art coming from Marvel man Tommy Lee Edwards. The only way it can fail is if the stories are rubbish. Which is where you come in.

The idea is to harvest ideas from the community. Brandon Generator is based around the self-referencing concept of a man suffering from writer's block and falling apart, with users submitting their ideas for the team to draw and bring to life in HTML5 format.

There would appear to have been some amount of Microsoft money involved at some point in the project's gestation, as there's a pop-up informing users that "exclusive content" is available for those who access the site using Internet Explorer 9.

It'll be open for submissions some time later this month. [Brandon Generator via Design Week]