Ever Wanted Your Very Own Iconic Big Red Phone Box?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news retro-Britain lovers: BT’s flogging off a load of its iconic red phone boxes, restored back to their former glory, and even you can buy one to complete your ultimate pad. The world-famous K6, or “Jubilee Kiosk”, weighs just 762kgs so I’m sure it’d fit right in with your massive 152-inch monster TV.

Thankfully, unlike the Harrods-sold beast of a TV, the K6 won’t set you back more than a house. You’ll be able to pick one up from just under £2000 from X2 Connect who’s handling the sale for BT.

The Post Office red K6 was introduced way back in 1936 and stands 2.4-metres tall, which is 8-foot, 3-inches in old money. The beastly 762kg-thing is made from solid cast iron and has a teak door to keep the rain out. It was designed by none other than Sir Giles Gilbert Scott -- he of Battersea Power Station and Bankside Power Station (aka the Tate Modern) fame. The first K6 was introduced to celebrate King George V’s Jubilee, so its from an era even before our dear old Queen got on the throne.

I’d love to have my very own one of these classic British icons, but I’m not sure where the hell I’d put it. My next-door neighbour has one in her garden, so I can’t even shove it outside without looking like a copycat. Anyone want to buy me a bigger house to put one in? [BT]

Image credit: Phone box from Shutterstock

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