Facebook App Bug Can Steal Your Password—If a Hacker Grabs Your Phone

By Kyle Wagner on at

A new spookyscary security hole has been discovered in the Facebook and Dropbox apps for iOS and Android. But you shouldn't worry about it unless you give your phone to a hacker or someone steals it.

The hack, which allows information from the apps to be exported in a text file, requires physical access to your phone, and the phone needs to be unlocked for it to work as a whole. If it's accessed with a passcode on, the text file can still be accessed, but without more secure files, like email. So the times when this would be a problem for an average person whose phone wasn't stolen are confined to "public computers and charging stations." That's a super small threat, and you really shouldn't be connecting your phone to unsecured computers anyway.

So no, there is nothing to see here, as long as you're not just handing physical access to your phone over to everyone you meet. [TNW]