Feed a Small Village With This 45kg Pig Roaster

By Leslie Horn on at

You want to have a pig roast but you don't have the right materials? Look no further than the La Caja China Roasting Box.

t will cost you a pretty penny, but it comes in three sizes: 8.2kg ($239), 31.8kg ($319), and 45.4kg ($349). La Caja China is just helping people live out their dream of cooking one very portly swine (or several smaller piglets) within the confines of their backyards.

But you better be ready to feed an entire army. The largest model can handle 16-18 whole chickens, four-six turkeys, eight-10 slabs of pork ribs, eight-10 pork shoulders, or really any other enormous amount meat you want to cook all at once.

Plywood on the outside with .032 gauge "Marine Aluminum" lining the interior, this is definitely the most heavy-duty roaster you've ever encountered. Buy it and it looks like you'll be hosting this year's block party! [La Caja China via Uncrate]