Fleet of Buses Will Cure Your Hangover With IV Treatment

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you are ok with taking a 45-minute intravenous treatment to eliminate your hangover, rejoice: a new service in Las Vegas will do exactly that. You can hop in one of their buses or call them to your hotel room.

45 minute hangover treatment, receive IV hydration, and IV vitamins in a proprietary blend to drive the toxins out of your system and get you tuned up to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas.

The service is called Hangover Heaven and it's the idea of a Dr. Jason Burke. I would rather not have anyone injecting anything in my circulatory system through an IV line. Especially when one of their lines is: "Our buses can work magic, but they cannot bring you back from the dead."

Yes. I'd man up, pop an Ibuprofen and drink Lucozade, thank you very much. [Hangover Heaven via Las Vegas Review Journal]