GAME Reloads From an OpCapita Save

By Sam Gibbs on at

GAME’s saved, or at least 333 stores of it are – OpCapita, the private investment firm who last bought-out struggling Comet in February, has acquired GAME group for just a quid. Well, that and £85m in debt of course.

It means that 3,200 jobs have been saved, but the 277 stores that are already closed have to be jettisoned with 2,104 staff out of luck. OpCapita seems positive about the whole thing though, with one of its managing partners, Henry Jackson, saying:

"We strongly believe there is a place on the high street for a video gaming specialist and Game is the leading brand in a £2.8bn market in the UK."

As much as I want to believe there’s still space for a gaming-only retailer on the high street, I don’t share his optimism. It’s great news that over half of GAME group has been saved, at least for now; OpCapita has its work cut out for it to turn it all around though. With rumours of download-only next-generation consoles and blocking of pre-owned games, when was the last time you actually bought a game from GAME that wasn’t pre-owned? [BBC]