Google Drive Expected to Launch Today, as Series of Tiny Leaks Reaches Critical Level

By Gary Cutlack on at

The non-stop rumours regarding Google's plan for a Dropbox rival ought to come to an end today, with tech observers believing Google's finally done preparing its Google Drive person cloud storage tool.

But precisely what form it'll take, and how it'll be marketed, remains a bit of a mystery. Google's just stealthily updated the amount of storage Google Docs users can fill to 5GB, with separate reports claiming Google may eventually offer up to 100GB of storage space across its range of services if users opt to pay a fee, similar to that offered by current stuff-sharing winner Dropbox.

Whether this will include an allowance for music, an allowance for files and a separate chunk for photos, or if Google will attempt to bring all of its various sharing sites under one roof we just don't know. But will hopefully find out when America wakes up later today.

Meanwhile, a Google staff member accidentally-on-purpose allowed himself to be filmed using his Android phone's sharing menu, which featured the "Drive" sharing option pictured above. So it's definitely called Drive. And is by Google. And it's nearly ready for us to have. [Reuters and Slashgear]